The Best Smartphone For Playing Pokemon Go

The Best Smartphone For Playing Pokemon Go – Pokemon Go now become a hobby for users of Android and iOS. However, to play this game, it takes smartphones to a certain standard. smartphones suitable for playing Pokemon Go should have a battery life because the game is quite spending power.

However, it states that the smartphone suitable for Pokemon Go is not just about the battery capacity but power saving features.

pokemon go map

Smartphone with Android OS 6 is known to have battery-saving features installed in it. Thus, when you’re in the middle of the game and drop the cell phone battery, the phone screen automatically dimmed and the refresh rate will be lowered.

Pokemon Go itself actually take advantage of the three things that most consumes power, which display (display), camera, and internet access.

Second, the camera takes to activate the mode of augmented reality (AR) on Pokemon Go. Therefore, if you prefer to activate the AR while playing Pokemon Go, make sure the smartphones used to have a capable camera is good for outdoor conditions.

Third, the smartphone screen. Pokemon Go requires the player to take a walk out of the room. When you’re in the sun, it is necessary to turn the contrast (brightness) is high so you can see the image detail in any games.

For that, AMOLED screen smartphone is a great choice to get the image more lively and brighter than the LCD screen.

Then what’s right smartphones to play Pokemon Go? Forbes suggested three of the Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone Sony Xperia Z5 Edgem S7 Premium, and Samsung Galaxy S7.

The third Android smartphones that meets three requirements above. In addition, they also have to have support for the GLONASS satellite navigation system (GPS type) more accurately determine the location.

As for iOS, the iPhone 6 Plus is considered sufficient to meet the requirements in question.

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