How To Catch Pikachu As Your Starter In Pokemon GO

How To Catch Pikachu at the beginning of the game Pokemon Go – Want to get Pikachu as your first monster? Do not worry because you will get it with ease. want to know how to get Pikachu? Please read to the end! Now, im going to share about How To Catch Pikachu As Your Starter In Pokemon GO

If only you do not really like three Starter Pokémon you meet at the beginning of Pokémon GO, you can see a figure moving Pikachu with approximately 100 to 200 meters from their original locations you start the game.

Pikachu itself is a monster that is attractive because electric type Pokémon is something you rarely encounter in the early part of Pokémon GO. Unfortunately, to be able to get anymore Pikachu is a rare effort for some people, so it matters whether you will be faithful to use Pikachu for duel purposes or not, it all depends on the collection of the strongest monsters you later.

Goal of playing Pokémon is a complete list of your Pokédex with all sorts of monsters that exist around the world. Considering the number of bags to accommodate limited Pokémon you, then I suggest you not hesitate to “sell” monster with the lowest CP figures.


How To Catch Pikachu As Your Starter In Pokemon GO


How To Catch Pikachu As Your Starter In Pokemon GO
How To Catch Pikachu As Your Starter In Pokemon GO

You can do this by clicking the transfer button at the bottom of the profile of the monster. By this you can get the item Candy which serves to increase the level of monster similar in the future.

Pokémon GO technology combines GPS Geo-Tagging as a medium to randomize the location of the monsters that players are motivated to get out and explore the surrounding area.

During the tour, you’ll get a notification on your mobile phone vibrate indicating that wild Pokémon around them. After that, you can press the screen to begin the process of capturing Pokémon monsters as described earlier.

Unfortunately this game does not provide notification function screen off screen so inevitably you have to always be active smartphone screen turning on this application to monitor the progress of monsters around.

It became one of the shortcomings of Pokémon GO you need to be solved with the use of power bank or other mobile device charger. If you happen once you had more money, you can use Pokémon bracelet GO Plus that until now only available in some countries.

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Trick: download Google Maps to save battery!.One trick to reduce the power consumption of the battery of this game is to utilize the facility offline maps Google Maps. Just like Ingress, Niantic utilizing the Google Maps API support as a map in the game Pokémon GO, so you can help this game system that does not continuously process map of your location by:

Download and open the Google Maps
Go to the settings menu
Select features Offline Maps and locate the map you wish to download
Done! And the device’s battery you can be more efficient.

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