Pokemon Go Gym Guide And Earn More XP Level Up

Pokemon Go Gym Guide And Earn More XP Level Up – Pokemon Go is a game based on Android and iOS that uses Augmented Reality technology in real-time. This technology allows players to see the virtual world real. GO Pokemon in the game, there are two places frequented by trainers, called PokeStop and Gym.

PokeStop is a place to collect items while the gym is a place that is used by the players to do exercises or fight among fellow Pokemon. This time I’m going to share about Pokemon Gym trick GO.

Pokemon Go Gym Guide
Pokemon Go Gym Guide

Pokemon Go Gym Guide And Earn More XP Level Up


What is Gym In Pokemon Go Game?

Gym is a place that is used by the players Pokemon GO to training or a battle between Pokemon. The gym can be controlled by one team, whether it’s Valor (Red), Mystic (Blue), or Instinct (Yellow). The gym has a value of Prestige, Prestige currently down or off (0), automatically Gym will return Neutral and can be re-mastered by anyone.

When training at a gym, you can choose just one Pokémon to spar with your teammates; as long as you win at least one fight, your gym’s prestige and level improves. (Bonus tip: If you battle your teammates with a lower-CP Pokémon and win one fight, you’ll gain more prestige points and personal XP than if you crush a couple Pokémon with a super-high CP pal.)

How to find a Pokemon Go gym?

Pokemon Go uses the GPS on your phone to place you in its Pokemon world. On the main screen it is usually difficult to miss the gyms – they’re the biggest icons on your map.

Look out for the tall, colourful towers near and far – they’re usually located in places of interest or hubs of activity, and Pokemon are often visible at the top of the map icon. There will be a Pokemon sitting above them and they look like they rotate.

Preparation before entering  Pokemon GO Gym

Unlike PokeStop, Gym locations are less common.
To be able to start to do battle in the gym, make sure you have reached level 5. If not, it will appear the following notification: “Come back when you are level 5”
After level 5, you can enter the gym to pick one of three teams:
Valor: The red team
Mystic: Blue team
Instinct: Yellow Team

How to Start a Gym Battle Pokemon GO

Just like PokeStop, players must be in the area near the Gym to do battle.
When it is in the Gym, boxing glove select the button in the lower right corner to start the fight Pokemon.
After that, select the Pokemon you want to use.

How to fight Pokemon Gym

There are some movements that can be done in the Gym:

Attacking (Attack): Touch screen
Evade (dogde): Swipe left / right
Special Attacks (Special): Press and hold

How many enemies that are in the Gym?

Enemies that are in Gym Pokemon Gym GO depend level. (Example: Level 3 Gym, meaning there are three enemies).
To see what the monster in the gym, you can swipe to the left / right.
Monster with the highest CP in a gym, there will be a Leader in the Gym.

How to win Pokemon Go Gym!

The gym has a value of Prestige, Prestige depleted current value (0), automatically will be back in the gym Neutral (White Color).
When Prestige neutral, you can put in there and Gym Pokemon will belong to your team.
To lower the Prestige, you have to win against monsters in the Gym.
When defeated one Pokemon, prestige will be reduced to 2000 points.
The gym can be attacked many people at once.
Other tips to beat the gym was to attack him together.
If you’re having Stuck while pressing the Go, you have to restart the application.

How to retain Gym in Pokemon GO

Gym same team can be strengthened by adding the Pokemon that we have.
Each person can only add 1 Pokemon Gym.
If Prestige down, you can beat the Monster in the gym the same team. When the monster in the gym with the same team loses, Gym Prestige will automatically go up.
Gym currently own Prestige enough, then others with the same team can add Pokemon into the Gym.

How Max Level Gym in Pokemon GO?

Gym maximum level at the moment is Level 7 with 7 Pokemon
Total Value of the highest Prestige reach 30,000 points. Read Also: 7 Things You should Know Before Playing Pokemon Go

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