Tips For Saving Data Mobile When Playing Pokémon Go

Tips For Saving Data Mobile When Playing Pokémon Go – Pokemon Go is like surprise for the lovers of gaming and cellular phone providers, but many people found Pokemon Go drain a lot of internet data?

T-Mobile CEO John Legere confirmed that internet data providers via Twitter some time ago. “Since Friday (last week), the number of active players (Pokemon Go) has more than doubled and their Internet data usage has quadrupled,” he said.

Constant use of GPS can track and transmit the location of the players are constantly moving, it is very consuming Internet data.

Tips For Saving Data Mobile When Playing Pokémon Go
Tips For Saving Data Mobile When Playing Pokémon Go

Tips For Saving Data Mobile When Playing Pokémon Go


1. Use Free Public Wifi

Executive Director of Corporate Communications Verizon Chuck Hamby suggested, Pokemon Go to the players to set their smartphone to automatically log in to a public wifi networks around the search area. This in order personal Internet data increasingly rarely used while hunting pokemon. The point is you can Automatically connect to free public wifi it will save your internet data.

2. Close any other applications that are not essential

You can close an application that continuously suck up internet data. “Many applications, especially those that provide location services, will continue to send and receive data even when the phone or tablet is being locked,” said Chuck Hamby.

3. Limit Time Playing

Based on the database Pokemon Go, the game can consume data 2-8MB per hour. “If Pokemon Go played more than six hours per day, the purchase of advanced data plan may be required.Or you can also read Pokemon go Data usage.

4. Turn off notifications

One CAUSE eater Internet data that is often forgotten of concern is data notification email and push notification variety of applications. In addition, the automatic application update also makes Internet data extravagant. Go into the settings menu and turn off all of it.

5. Be careful with In-app Purchase

If you want to save the Internet data, but loyal purchasing virtual goods in Pokemon Go it same lie. According to data obtained by Reuters, the total funds collected from ‘in-app purchase’ Pokemon Go in the US reached 1.6 million US dollars per day.

6. Punish with Pay

Telling the players pay for itself over quota internet is not a violent act. This is how Shama Diegnan, a resident of South Orange, New Jersey, US ‘on fire’ because 75 percent of the monthly internet data exhausted by the child’s family in two days because of Pokemon Go.

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